Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Wye on August 22nd.

What a great days fishing. We set out for a day on this pristine river - started the morning on the lower stretch at Fishermans Car park. It took a while to get going but two small browns came to the bank, prefering a CDC f fly to anything else. As I moved on to the deeper pool opposite the car park, a size 16 cream sedge brought out two stunning wild rainbows. Only 10 and 11 inches but super fighters. The first hooked himself and jumped two feet out of the water - thats his picture on the opening above. This is the other -

The Tamers

After a drink and some tactical planning, we fell back on the town centre stretch as the evening drew close. Here much larger fish soon started to rise. My pound and half Grayling a good start, followed by a three pound Rainbow - both to a slightly waterlogged sedge tied by Como. Others in the party, Como, Bone, Glen and co all had good fish. Trug hooked a small whale which proceeded to run to the other bank with cries of  " I've only got a 2lb leader " echoing across the river. Too late though - this monster, estimated by Trug at 10 lbs was free and his leader still intact !!!  I can vouch for these sizes - I had two takes which straightened out my hooks on 5lb flouro - either big fish or cheap hooks. I'll never know for sure.


  1. You trying to tell me something about my hooks?

  2. yes - they are more bent than your teeth !!